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With the diversified changes and technological evolution of consumer electronic devices, the demand for peripheral accessories is also increasing. We can provide all kinds of accessories for your computer, tablet, mobile phone and watch in different scenarios, including power supply, interface conversion, and listening to music.

Parts Solution

1. Power supply: The demand for mobile devices and wireless devices is increasing, and the demand for fast charging or wireless charging accessories is also increasing. We provide solutions for USB-C PD-compliant chargers and Qi-compliant wireless charging accessories.

2. Interface Conversion: The new device reduces the interface or unifies the interface to USB-C, but at the same time there are old peripheral devices to connect with the new device or multiple devices at the same time. We prepare USB-C related adapters for you to facilitate the connection of your new and old devices.

3. Listen to Sound: We understand that you need not only to see pictures, but also to listen to voice, and even to communicate with each other. We provide solutions for headphones with noise reduction function and wireless Bluetooth mobile headphones, or ultra-thin portable speakers or speakers with multi-function (such as wireless charging).
usb type c connector
custom type c connector
custom usb c connector
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