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  • What Are The Characteristics Of Type C Connectors?

    As the leading electrical connector supplier in China, yitai offers Type c connectors and other USB connectors. Type c connector is a relatively new type of interface, which is the mainstream of the current connector. Now more and more customers in the market like to use Type -C connector, what a

  • How Does Waterproof Type C Connector Realize Waterproof?

    With the penetration of small consumer electronic devices into all aspects of our lives, Type C female connectors need to adapt to various environments. The waterproof type c connector is one of them, which has the function of waterproof protection while ensuring the integrity of the signal. When th

  • USB Type-C Connector Pin Configuration and Power Level

    The USB Type-C connector supports USB2.0 and USB3.1. The standard requires USB3.1 to support USB2.0 and is recommended for use in new designs. However, the connector can only be used in USB2.0.The USB Type-C 24-pin connector is non-polarized and supports positive and reverse plugs, which can be easi

  • Main Components Of Mobile Phone

    The mobile phone is a tool we use every day, which brings great convenience to our lives. Do you know what are the main components of a mobile phone? Now, as the leading usb type c manufacturer in China, Yitai will explain it to you.1. The processor (chip), the most important component of a smart ph

  • Changes brought by the new PD3.1 standard to the type c industry

    The PD3.1 new standard, which was launched at the end of May this year, expanded the application scenarios of fast charging, and while bringing new opportunities to chip manufacturers, it also presented new challenges. In the early stage of the PD3.1 standard, the 15V-36V output scenario can be real

  • What are the PIN specifications of Type C female connector?

    In Type C female connector, common connectors include 6 PIN Type C female connector, 12 PIN Type C female connector, 16 PIN Type C female connector, 14 PIN Type C female connector, 24 PIN Type C female connector, etc. These names are based on the number of PIN pins.Type C female connector pin number

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