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Mainly engaged in computer, communications, consumer electronics, automotive electronics and other fields of connector research and development and production, especially focused on Type C and its extension products development and production..

Consumer Electronics

We offer innovative connectivity solutions for the Internet of Things, wearable devices, smartphones, tablets and laptops to help you meet current challenges and future innovations.


Under the continuous fermentation of cloud computing and "Internet +" strategy, the ICT industry is showing a trend of rapid growth. Industrial 4, 5G and smart city have mentioned a new high speed for data transmission and data storage. Higher density, higher speed, larger current and smaller size have become the trend of connector industry technology development.

Automobile, Medical Care

Advanced manufacturing technology can also make the driving process more environmentally friendly. The use of lighter and less material can reduce vehicle weight, thereby improving fuel utilization and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Industrial and Smart Home

Intelligent home connects all kinds of home equipment (such as audio and video equipment, lighting system, curtain control, air conditioning control, security system, digital cinema system, video server, film cabinet system, network appliances, etc.) through Internet of Things technology. It provides home appliances control, lighting control, telephone remote control, indoor and outdoor remote control, anti-theft alarm, environmental monitoring, heating and ventilation control. Infrared forwarding, programmable timing control and other functions and means.
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